Vessel in Berkeley, California!

The journey starts here. We're putting sustainability into your hands. See our interactive map for the locations of our participating vendors and return kiosks.


Cafe Think

2220 Piedmont Ave

Press Cafe

University of California,

Northside Cafe

1878 Euclid Ave

Babette Cafe

2155 Center St

Cafe Zeb

2745 Bancroft Way

Caffè Strada

2300 College Ave

Brewed Awakening

1807 Euclid Ave

Babette South Hall Coffee Bar

102 South Hall # 4600


Reach out here if you want to be a part of the Vessel network in Berkeley!


Free Speech Movement Cafe

3rd Floor Moffitt Library, UC Berkeley,

The Musical Offering Cafe

2430 Bancroft Way,

People’s Cafe

61 Shattuck Square