Vessel is a turn-key solution to the disposable cup problem. Single-use cups are a huge contributor to the waste stream and encourage disposable habits. Vessel provides an ecosystem of software and hardware for clients to implement a reusable cup system to reduce waste, meet sustainability goals, educate users, and encourage sustainable behavior.

Vessel’s ideal partners include:

  • Closed loop systems (ski resorts, campuses, venues)

  • Corporate headquarters and offices

  • Cities/municipalities

  • Airports and airlines

  • Events (catering services, festivals, conferences)

Vessel works closely with facilities management, corporate vendors, catering companies, housing and food services, and other stakeholders to develop a Vessel ecosystem to meet individual partner’s specific zero waste goals and operational needs. We provide initial assessments, installation, start-up, and on-going support to ensure seamless integration.

Benefits to Industry:

  • Offer your customers/clients the best to-go option while saving you money!

  • No risk to food vendors-pay a per cup fee that is comparable to the current cost of single-use cups

  • Little disruption for in-house integration of the Vessel system

  • Custom Vessel ecosystem design to meet partner’s needs

  • Access to personalized reporting on positive environmental impacts

  • An opportunity to truly shine as an industry leader in implementing a zero waste solution to disposable cups that reduce waste and carbon emissions

Want more information on becoming part of the Vessel network? Please contact us at