Vessel is Dagny’s latest venture but she is no newcomer to bringing ideas to fruition. She built her first business while still a university undergraduate and went on to executive level business and not-for-profit appointments that have traversed five continents and represent two decades of experience in strategy, management, sales and government and community engagement.

It is with this nimble skillset, derived as a seasoned traveler and experiencer that Vessel’s founder, Dagny Tucker, traverses the complex world of business and sustainability. Her zest for life seasons each one of her endeavors and it is this experience that drives her to build the capacity in others to push the boundaries of how we think about everyday decisions. After decades of sustainability meetings and conferences where it was normal to show up with your coffee in a paper cup, Dagny Tucker, Vessel’s co-founder, felt it was time to address the little things.

Often “sustainability” conversations in board rooms, at conference podiums and in classrooms addressed large scale, monolithic actions- leaving out entirely the impact of those little everyday choices. Making meaningful change within an often opaque and on-the-go culture was no easy task though. Dagny saw Vessel as one way to bring to light our potential to have a positive impact through our everyday choices.

She teaches at Parsons The New School for Design, was formerly the Managing Director of Strategic Global Affairs for New Hope Natural Media and Executive Director of the Peace Initiatives Institute. She is a Tishman Award recipient for “outstanding achievement in sustainability,” and received her Ph.D from Univiersitat Jaume I in Spain.

As an experienced actioner and ideator, she understands that a sustainable paradigm for the future is not simply the pursuit of a healthy environment, but a revolution in the understanding of interconnectedness


The Team